Minimizing Domestic Violence Impacts The Seriousness Of The Issue

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Minimizing or denying domestic violence impacts the seriousness of the issue. There are three themes that associates with this type of attitude: nonexistence, disbelieving, normalizing, and optimism. Many victims don’t have firsthand experience in abuse and many communities deny that something like domestic violence occurs within their communities. This will then lead to disbelieving the victim when making accusations. Disbelieving can also be caused by personal optimism. Then people began to normalize domestic violence in terms of defending conflicts in family as normal. This optimistic attitude towards domestic violence can be caused by people only focusing on the positive side and disbelieving the negative side of a person. Meaning…show more content…
Factors that influence attitude toward domestic violence In addition, there are other factors that influences people’s perception of domestic violence which can impact the victim. Some factor are the effects of domestic violence myths, decision to return, and victim–abuser relationship on victim blame. Domestic violence myths significantly contribute to the victim being blamed for the situation they are in. According to , victims are blamed more when they decide to return to their abuser. This finding suggests that when individuals observe a victim of domestic violence returning to her abuser, they tend to blame her more. They also judge or criticize the victim by minimizing the seriousness of the situation. Not only do personal domestic violence myths impact the victim, but also the communities and their beliefs. The community and their beliefs also play a crucial role in how domestic violence is dealt with. According to , the surrounding communities may unintentionally play a role in the abuse to continue. Although families and friends become aware of the problem, they tend to conclude that it’s not their problem, but the victims, or that it’s a family issue. Moreover, there are other factors that that influences other’s perceptions of domestic violence. Other factors include the type of relationship between the victim and the perpetrator. The seriousness or level of commitment in the
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