Minimum Wage And Living Wage Essay

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Minimum & Living Wage

How do your wages stack up? The ongoing debate between “Will any minimum wage raise be enough?” and “What amount of wages will be sufficient to support oneself?” Minimum wage is the lowest rate an employer can legally pay their employee. Living wage is the rate of payment that can maintain a normal standard of living.
Minnesota’s current minimum wage (as of Aug. 2016) is $9.50 per hour. According to Dr. Amy K. Glasmeier from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the living wage calculation for Minneapolis-St. Paul-Bloomington, MN is $11 per hour for one adult. If the family has two working adults and two children the living wage would then be moved up to $15.97 per hour. However, the national minimum wage remains $7.25 per hour, which is …show more content…

If you can imagine these adults possibly having a family and obviously bills, it would be impossible to make enough money off of one job.
In the 1980’s both the Washington Post and the New York Times published editorials, saying there should be no minimum wage legislation all together. For the minimum wage is already at $0 per hour if we as a country are willing to deliberately un-employ thousands and possibly millions of the American youth. Making it illegal to compensate the youth for the proper rate, who statistically are willing to work for less money.
After researching minimum and living wage I now feel I have enough knowledge to speak about this topic. Just like all political topics, everyone has their own viewpoint. I, for one believe raising the minimum wage to possibly reach the living wage is a dangerous tactic. I can’t help but wonder when this raise will no longer satisfy the living wage and yet again we find ourselves needing to raise the minimum wage. Leaving the entry level jobs open to our youth will provide them with the work experience that they will doubtably nedd for their

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