Minimum Wage And The Great Depression Essay

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Between the year of nineteen twenty-nine and nineteen thirty-nine, The United States went through one of the worst economic downturn’s known as the Great Depression. The effects of the Great Depression caused many economic problems which sent wall street into a chaos. Ever since then Poverty has struck many middle and poor class families for years. Over time it has separated many families and caused those who are less fortunate to drain the wealthy. The minimum wage was created to keep many lives going. Although this is the case, minimum wage does not keep many people afloat, it has proven to be an issue and these wages need to be increased. Increasing minimum wage would increase economic activity, reduce poverty, and reduce government welfare spending. Fixing all of these will positively increase the economy and resolve our countries resounding debt.
The minimum wage was first introduced in 1894 by New Zealand, and "it covered all businesses and all industries across the entire country.” (BeBusinssed) Right before it became a big hit with many other countries, it was also started in Australia “where at the time it was only covering six industries that were notorious for paying low minimum wage.” (BeBusinessed) Over time by 1902 it grew to cover 150 industries. After being used by many other countries, the United States started their own minimum wage, the first minimum wage was introduced by Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1938. At this time "Minimum wage was set at

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