Misdemeanor Crime Memo Essay

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Introduction The purpose of this memo is to take a look at recent legislation that passed in two States. The two states we are looking at are Colorado and New York. Some other States have also decided to pass similar legislation. As you may know, these two States have passed legislation to collect DNA from individuals who are convicted of committing a misdemeanor crime. There are also States who have rejected similar legislation. In majority of the United States, States only collect DNA from individuals who are convicted of felony crimes. I will discuss my stance on this issue as we go throughout this memo. I believe that there should be no collection of DNA in misdemeanor convictions.

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• At what part does this becomes a violation of our 4th amendment right?
As we take a look, individual’s 4th amendment right plays a role in this as well. When an individual is going through the booking process, law enforcement can take DNA samples from them. If the individual is not convicted of the misdemeanor, what happens when they already collected the DNA from the alleged suspect in the case? That means the State gets to keeps a person DNA for however long they want, even when the person is not convicted of the crime. This is major concern of violation of privacy, since DNA is unique to one person and no one has the same DNA make-up.

Summing up, States like New York, Colorado, and even Wisconsin have passed legislation to collect DNA from misdemeanor. As a society I can see some good that can from this. However, I believe there can be more shame being done than useful outcomes coming from this legislation. I do not believe that a state can afford to run all these DNA samples. Also, if you look at States DNA processing time, some results may take long as two weeks to come back. If it takes this long to get results back on felony crimes, it may take double the time if legislation was allowed in all 50 States. My recommendation is that legislation of this sort should not be allowed. States should only be allowed to collect DNA for those who are convicted of felony

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