Misrepresentation Of Minority Groups In The Media

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Our modern society surrounds itself today with the media. One may think the media only broadcasts through the television, but there are many sources such as the newspaper, social medias, apps, cell phones etc. Technology is the way of the world now, and how we as humans rely on getting our most up to date information. The media has a vast influence on the ways minorities are viewed by our culture. The media sets the tone for the morals, values, and images for society. Minority groups are defined as “a subordinate group whose members have significantly less control or power over their own lives than do the members of a dominant or majority group”(Schaefer, 2008, p. 7). The portrayal of minorities on television is especially less than ideal. Broadcasting channels are not promoting stories to the public with concern for the population as a whole but instead with the intent to gain greater ratings. Therefore the objectives of a network are to cater to a specific audience. This results in stories that are geared towards the majority. The majority in the United States are White American males although females have a higher population within the country. Majority of us may not encounter a specific minority group in our daily lives but the media aids with an introduction to these people. This then leads our culture to inherent racism that has been found to exist in newscasts across the country. One of the most studied minority groups regarding misrepresentation in the media are
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