Miss Evers' Boys

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In 1932 the federal government commenced a medical study called The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Blacks with Syphilis in Macon County, Alabama. Four hundred and twelve men infected with the disease were selected for the study that faked long term treatment while really only giving placebos and liniments. The goal of this study was to determine if blacks reacted similar to the whites to the effects of the syphilis disease. After forty years it was discontinued and the Senate initiated an investigation of the study. At the time of the investigation, only one hundred and twenty-seven of the study’s original participants were still alive and had not died from the disease (Morehan, 2007). In the film, the story is told from the view point of …show more content…

After a visit to Washington, various doctors confronted Dr. Brodus, the head doctor in Tuskegee, accompanied by Dr. Douglas the whit doctor with an offer for a new rationale for funding. The doctors explain their intentions of studying the African-American population, similar to the way a Caucasian population in Norway was studied in the Oslo Experiments. They were proposing the study involve untreated African-Americans dealing with syphilis. To convince Dr. Brodus, the doctors from Washington who apparently represents the federal government promised future treatment and proclaimed the future potential of the Tuskegee Experiment. This idea appealed to Dr. Brodus’ pride and he agreed to be at the forefront of the study naming it The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in The Negro Male. Over four hundred men tested with syphilis were selected to participate in the study which included Miss Evers’ Boys. Through her deceit, Miss Evers convinced the men to participate in the treatment which only included placebos and liniment. Throughout the duration of the study, the researchers which included the doctors, Dr. Brodus and Dr. Douglas; Nurse Evers and the federal government failed to fully explain the nature of the research to the victims; deceiving the participants telling them only that they had bad blood and not telling them that active treatment was being withheld from them. Though, Miss Evers was burden with the ethical issues of the study, she

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