Mississippi Politics History Essay

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“Originally published in 2006, Mississippi Politics quickly became the definitive work on the state’s political history, campaigns, legislative battles, and litigation, as well as how Mississippi shaped and was shaped by national and regional trends.” While the second edition of the book still shows Mississippi’s gradual change from a blue state to a red state, it also examines the aftermath of Haley Barbour’s re-election campaign in 2007 along with the 2008 presidential elections. The one thing that I found most interesting about this book has nothing to do with its contents but everything to do with the two authors Jere Nash and Andy Taggart. Jere Nash is a well known Democrat who has held many political positions including chief of staff for former Governor Ray Mabus who is also a Democrat. Andy Taggart is a Republican who, like Nash, held several positions including chief of staff for former Republican Governor Kirk Fordice. The fact that they worked well enough together to write a book on Mississippi politics leads me to believe two things. First, I believe that this book is an accurate account of the history of Mississippi politics because it was written by two men who are members of different political parties. Second, I believe that if Nash and Taggart can work together to produce something great, the Democratic and Republican parties of Mississippi can as well.
I think it is interesting how Mississippi made the switch from a “Democratic surety to a Republican…