Mississippi Politics Summary

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“Originally published in 2006, Mississippi Politics quickly became the definitive work on the state’s political history, campaigns, legislative battles, and litigation, as well as how Mississippi shaped and was shaped by national and regional trends.” While the second edition of the book still shows Mississippi’s gradual change from a blue state to a red state, it also examines the aftermath of Haley Barbour’s re-election campaign in 2007 along with the 2008 presidential elections. The one thing that I found most interesting about this book has nothing to do with its contents but everything to do with the two authors Jere Nash and Andy Taggart. Jere Nash is a well known Democrat who has held many political positions including chief of …show more content…

Republican Barry Goldwater’s speech in Atlanta in 1961 led to the development of what the Republicans call the “southern strategy” which basically explains “how Republicans took over the South by the way they defined themselves.” Goldwater’s nomination as the Republican Party’s candidate for the 1964 presidential election lead to Strom Thurmond (former leader of the Dixiecrats) becoming a Republican. After that, all of the conservative, White Mississippians followed. Chapter 22 focuses on Haley Barbour’s rise to political fame. I found it interesting that Nash and Taggart chose to talk about Barbour’s background in addition to his time spent as governor. While I have always admired Governor Barbour’s political prowess, I did not know much about his passion for politics before reading this book. Chapter 22 gave me a newfound respect for Barbour because I was able to see that he was not a “political opportunist” like so many other politicians are today. The chapter humanized Barbour and portrayed him as a life-long student of politics which is what I wish to be. In essence, I think that Barbour’s rise through the ranks of the Republican Party is the path that all politicians should take because it is one that requires

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