Model Device Security to Keep One's Data Safe

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Reason for Approach Considering a person’s personal data is one, if not the single most important assets he or she is in possession of, the processes involved in keeping the said data safe is crucial to avoid being a victim of malicious activities. Mobile device security should be at the top of a person’s list as a form of protecting personal data from the outside threats of malicious code infection, unauthorized data access, identity theft, fraud, and a compromise in the confidentiality, integrity and availability of a person's information.

Prospectus Organization The remaining facets of this prospectus will consist of two more segments, the problem and the solution. Each segment will be broken down and divided into separate topics in order to convey the material in an organized fashion. The first segment will consist of the Problem Statement, it will encompass the background information, causes, business impacts, a cost and risk analysis, any assumptions, and what limitations, if any the problem faces. A list of technical terms is provided for reference as well. The second segment will consist of the Solution technology provides and will provide what guidelines should be followed in order to solve the said problem. It will encompass the areas of business drivers, justification, what the effects are for choosing not to implement the solution, and a detailed description of the preventative solution. Problem Statement
Mobile devices typically lack the security features

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