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"Mom? Dad? Where do babies come from?" asked one of my children not too long ago. You might sense a little sarcasm if I say this is every parent's favorite question. We wait with anxiety for this question to be asked! But let's be realistic: it is probably not every parent's preferred one. How about, "Dad? How do babies get into a mommy's tummy and how do they come out?" This inquiry certain triumphs over the previous one. Questions are formed as minds and hearts contemplate the information they are exposed to. Answers are pursued when the human soul undergoes the searching process to discover the meaning of life and God. Consequently, Nicodemus devoted himself during the day reflecting on Jesus’ words and actions and the evening seeking …show more content…

Baptism is the sacrament that permits us to be reborn from above by being born of water and the Spirit. This sacrament is embraced within a community of faith, the Church, that intercedes for and supports the baptized so that the individual may continue to grow in the faith after …show more content…

Furthermore, we acknowledge that children also have a need to be reborn in water and the Spirit. Therefore, they are baptized as soon as possible because their parents, as well as the Church, cannot deny them the gift of becoming children of God. Indeed, infant baptism testifies that God says yes to us in love even before we can say yes to Him in faith while summoning the community to look after and support one another's faith journey. Nevertheless, Baptism puts us on the path of salvation and new life but does not guarantee that we will arrive at the end of this path. Therefore, we must look for, encounter, and walk with Christ Jesus daily on this earth-to-heaven journey. He is truly the Way, the Truth, and the Life that will guide, enlighten, and empower us. Certainly, the Second Person of the Trinity became man for our salvation and offers us new life through the sacraments, with the help of His Spirit, and in Him who is the True Vine. (Jn

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