Money Is Not Able For Buy Happiness

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There are various instances where the novel Sister Carrie presents the idea that money is not able to buy happiness. Carrie, the protagonist of the novel, attempts to use money to create happiness in her life, but throughout her journey she finally starts to realize that her happiness cannot be constantly associated with wealth. This theme is supported through the actions and words of the protagonist. The protagonist, Carrie, is the main character in the story. Many specific lines in the novel indicate that Carrie is not satisfied with how she is living her life. I believe the reason she is not truly happy is because up until this point in her life, she has been certain that her happiness relies strictly on how much money she possesses. She has focused every part of her life on making the most money, including her love life. The theme is discussed most frequently towards the end because this is the realization point in the novel. Sister Carrie presents the idea that money cannot buy happiness. We can see this in the novel through the actions of the protagonist. The literary element that helps support the theme of the novel is the actions and words of the protagonist. A protagonist “is commonly used to refer to the hero or heroine in a story, poem, novel, play, or film” (Barton 167). There is not a hero in the novel “but a protagonist may be the main character without providing to be a hero or a heroine” (Barton 167). In Sister Carrie the main character is Carrie, hence her

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