Money: Power or Happiness?

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Since the early years of America, the rich have been considered the most powerful. Poor people were not considered very significant simply because they were unlike the rich. While wealth was desirable it wasn’t always worth having because money cannot buy happiness. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby reflexes this idea that money, although seen as power, cannot resemble happiness. In the book, many of the characters think their lives are more significant because they are wealthy. Daisy Buchanan is in a marriage money instead of for love. Although she did not have the patience to wait for Gatsby to obtain his riches, he spent several years of his life solely focusing on his goals to be a rich, elaborately successful man. Neither of the two are truly happy although they are assumed to be because they have more money than they could ever possibly handle. Although money can make a person feel powerful, F. Scott Fitzgerald uses the book to show the readers that it’s not always the case because money could not buy happiness. Jay Gatsby spent his entire life earning his fortune so he could impress and essentially feel like he owns Daisy. When he had to leave her, he had explained to her that he did not want to marry her until he made enough money to support her, and how he wanted her to wait. Once Gatsby became rich, he let rumors spread on the kind of man that he is and how he got his riches. The rumors made him seem powerful and mysterious but he wanted Nick to know who he
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