Monitoring Student Social Medi Article Analysis

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Imagine you’re being monitored by your school on social media. How would you feel about it? In the article, “Should Schools Monitor Student Social Media to Prevent Cyberbullying?”, from BBC World News, the author Sam Combs discusses the reasons whether the schools should monitor student’s social media or not. Furthermore, Comb states that cyberbullying turns out to be so cruel that it leads teenagers to make terrible decisions. Moreover, the author says that some people have privacy issues regarding schools monitoring student’s social media. In addition, Combs tells what some internet experts think about monitoring student’s social media. I agree with what the school district has done because monitoring student’s social media can stop students …show more content…

Internet expert says, “The educational component would involve explaining to students how putting too much personal information online-personal pictures, travel intentions, party plans, dating details – is a bad idea.” (Cited in Combs 2014). Posting personal information on the internet tells people, which includes strangers too, more about yourself. If you post that you’re going somewhere for a few days, this way someone can intrude into your house. For instance, in Saudi Arabia, there was a robbery in one of the houses in my neighborhood. The people who lived in the house were off on a road trip. Luckily, the robbers were arrested within a few days. When the robbers were asked about the incident, they said that they knew the family was out of the city and the house was empty as one of the family member posted on Facebook that he is going on a road trip with his family. This shows that how posting personal information can cause some serious incidents. Therefore, it’s important not to post personal information online, even if someone does, the companies monitoring the students should tell the students to avoid what is

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