Montresor Revenge Analysis

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In “The Cask of Amontillado,” Poe depicts Montresor as someone who acts on behalf of his family’s honor and pride rather than someone acting on personal vendetta. In the beginning, Montresor is narrating his own story of how he enacted his revenge by killing Fortunato. According to Montresor, his retaliation against Fortunato seems to be because of previous transgressions on Montresor or his family even though we have no indication of any of Fortunato's actual transgressions against Montresor and his family (White 552). Poe never provides a complete explanation of what Fortunato did to Montresor to warrant his own death, but according to Professor Mustafa, “The exact nature of the ‘insult’ Fortunato has supposedly inflicted upon Montresor remains unclear to us, though it appears that the former has somehow hurt the latter's family or family honor.” Mustafa’s point makes sense because of the many things that Poe uses to hint at the disrespect that Fortunato has shown the Montresor family. One instance that supports Montresor’s actions as being for revenge rather than murder is when Montresor tells Fortunato about his noble ancestry. Fortunato replies saying, “I forgot your arms,” implying that Fortunato believes that Montresor’s family is not worth remembering (Stewart 81). Since Fortunato …show more content…

The further degradation of his once noble family is a clear insult to Montresor’s family honor and supports his claim of revenge as his motivation to kill Fortunato. Montresor claims his revenge is because of his family’s coat of arms which is, "No one attacks me with impunity," and can be understood to mean that any insult or injury warrants retaliation (White 552). Subsequently, Montresor’s only way to act in his situation is to follow his family motto and focus on procuring a perfect revenge to regain his family’s

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