Montresor's Death Analysis

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The author’s of the Book is Edgar Allan Poe. In this story Montresor leaves Fortunato to suffer and die in a underground catacomb. Montresor accomplishes the murder because of he is smart, evil, and prepared. Montresor had everything prepared for the murder of Fortunato because he had the chains ready so he can tie him. The bricks so he can build the wall. Montresor said, I had fettered him to the granite” I know Montresor had the bricks ready because he said “I soon uncovered a quantity of building stone and mortar”. I know Montresor is evil cause he left Fortunato to suffer till he died. Montresor could of kill Fortunato faster but he decided to make him suffer his death. Montresor said, “For the half of a century no mortal has disturbed

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