Montressor's Plan to Murder Fortunato Essay

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“Hey Montressor, watch I bet you can’t do this!” Fortunato then does a backflip from standing on the ground and lands it successfully which of course Montressor was jealous of since he knew he couldn’t accomplish this or nearly anything else that Fortunato could. This battle has gone on since they could talk, Fortunato is always better with everything he does and Montressor doesn’t like this. Although Montressor does not like that Fortunato is better than him he has never done anything about it or confronted him to tell him he is jealous of the things he rubs in his face that he can do. Although, Montressor always did say he was going to get his revenge and next Friday he was going to get it by any means. He was not quite sure what he was …show more content…

“Hey Hildreth I haven’t seen you in years!” Montressor exclaimed. “Hey Montressor, how have you been? We haven’t talked since high school.” “I have been great, I have been wondering if I would ever see you again!” “Yeah we all know you had the biggest crush on her in high school Montressor.” Fortunato uttered. “Yeah and that’s why I am glad you invited her here as my date.” Montressor replied. “Oh, you are the date he was speaking of when he invited me?” Hildreth asked. “Yeah is that okay?” “Of course it is I have had a crush on you since high school too.” Hildreth chortled. The four of them then continued to hang out at the festival and dance for a while before they decided they needed a break, so they found a table to sit at and relax for a while. This is when Fortunato decided to order a glass or ten of wine, Montressor tried to stop him after his third glass but Fortunato decided he could make his own decisions and didn’t need a friend’s opinion. Fortunato began to start acting very belligerent to Hildreth and Olga so they said their goodbyes and left before Fortunato did anything negligent with them around. This made Montressor extremely furious since his high school crush was finally talking to him and Fortunato gave her no other option except to leave early. Montressor then tells Fortunato it is time to leave and so Fortunato goes with Montressor back to his house to stay the

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