Moral Agency : The American People And The Leaders Of The World

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Moral Agency
The moral agencies in this paper are; Edward Snowden, N.S.A, the American People and the Leaders of the World. Edward Snowden acted in a manner associated with the Duty Theory due to the fact that his actions were morally right because it was his duty to reveal what was happening. The N.S.A. acted in a manner associated with the Unitarianism because they believed that they were acting in the best interest of the people. The American People were acting in a manner that is associated with the Virtue theories because they believe that the N.S.A. would ac in a character that is excellent, non-ethical and legal. The Leaders of the World is a unique situation because they operated in the two categories. The first is the Virtue
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In his eyes he was not a thief and traitor. Some people believe that Snowden is a thief and traitor; the United States Justice Department would agree based on Deontology that ethics would focus on whether the issue is wrong or right. The U.S. Justice Department believed that Snowden’s actions were wrong and that nothing would change that. Deontology believes that regardless of the situation whether good or bad would depend on if the action that brought it about were right or wrong.
Whistle Blower and Patriot
Snowden would view his actions as right in according to the Deontology Duty Theory. The Duty Theory believes that an act is morally right if it in accord with a duty or obligations. With this said many would view Snowden as a Whistle Blower and Patriot, since he took action when he believed that it was his duty to reveal that N.S.A. was secretly invading the privacy of the people.

The Disclosure of Confidential Information
Thief and Traitor
Snowden intend was to unlawfully disclose classified information that could risk the security of the Nation as well as endanger the lives of others. For this reason Snowden could and should be described as a thief and a traitor. The N.S.A provided Snowden with a position in good faith unknown to them that he would use this position to obtain confidential documents that could and
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