Morality Objectively Exists. But By Identifying Something

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Morality objectively exists. But by identifying something that all human beings carry with them, we can draw a clear line between what is right and what is wrong. All human beings are born with one common and simple desire, the desire to be loved. Love is the universal truth for all of humanity. Love stands as the clear line between what is right and what is wrong. If an individual or a culture is acting in a way that does not show love for themselves or others, then they are acting immorally. The simple definition of love stands to bolster and protect all human life. The focus of this paper is to adequately describe what moral relativism and moral subjectivism are. This paper will make the claim that no type of moral relativism or …show more content…

A moral subjectivist would say that what is definitively right is different for every person. Moral subjectivism looks to argue that there is no definite truth and that all facets of morality are arbitrary in nature. Unlike, moral relativism, moral subjectivism is, in some ways, compatible with moral realism. Both say that an individual can be sure of their moral boundaries no matter what the situation may be. For example, Christians believe that all life is precious and that abortion is wrong, yet someone who is not Christian could also believe that all life is precious and that abortion is wrong. Trying to identify a universal truth in which dictates the whole world and all human morality is a difficult task, but this section will attempt to argue that love is just that. The problem with this is how do you compare a serial killer with Gandhi? This is a valid question, and the immense diversity of humans makes such a question almost impossible to answer. St. Thomas Aquinas said that, “the things that we love tell us what we are.” As humans we put our hopes, trust, and dreams into the things that we love. In other words love defines who we are as humans. Love stands as the universal truth, which binds together all humans and sets the clear line separating what is right and what is wrong. If all people, from age to age, were to hold love in this regard we would see

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