Morally Innocent : Cold Blooded Serial Killers

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Morally Innocent Psychopaths
Cold-blooded serial killers. Maniacs. Madmen. Psychopaths. Society understands them as devious, heartless humans. There are many questions surrounding the actions of psychopaths Why do they murder? What could possibly drive someone to take another 's precious life away? At first glance, most believe that psychopaths are irrational and are entitled to punishment without fully understanding there clinical disability first. The fundamental cause of psychopathic behavior has to do with their environment and neurological structure. Psychopaths are not morally responsible for their actions, but they are, to a certain extent, criminally responsible.
There is an obvious difference between the neurological structure of psychopaths and the average human. There are multiple different scans used to detect different formations. A PET scan will detect brain activity when the subject is given a task. An MRI will show of the size of the components of the brain and if they have changed. To measure brainwaves an EEG is used. Since psychopaths have a different brain structure, their frontal lobe does not function the same as the average person. The frontal lobe is responsible for making judgements, problem solving, and impulse control. They understand the difference between right and wrong, but they simply do not care. The amygdala is accountable for aggression, fear and guilt. Psychopaths lack the ability to perceive guilt. Since there is no guilt, aggression is

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