More Guns, More Violence

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David Spangler

Mrs. D

Honors English III

5th February 2017

More Guns, More Violence

Guns have been around for centuries; they’ve shaped countries, politics and the shape of

human and animal life forever. Many look at guns as dangerous, and destructive to who humans

are. Especially when we turn on the news and see another teenage boy killing children in middle

America. Although we go root on our local military men and women as heroes. This paper will

dive into the deep, vast, and grey area that is gun control and the problems we face here in the

land of freedom.

The year is 2017 and America is faced with a serious dilemma, and many citizens are demanding …show more content…

First of all it talks about the right to keep a well regulated militia; many would see this as unnecessary for todays time. Why would Americans need a regulated militia when there is a military larger than any other country on earth? Along with the largest local and government police force imaginable. This is where many people find issue with this amendment, feeling that something written in 1791 clearly needs heavy revision to fit 2017 and the future generations more safely. Another point made by pro gun advocates is that guns will be effective against a unlawful government; like that of Great Britain in the 18 century and could be used to insure the freedom of the United States against any wrongful power. This is a solid point, a point that makes logical sense. Schools teach people about history, some more than others and one thing is for certain after studying american and world history and that is that history repeats itself. Every few decades; just enough time for the past generation to forget and for the next generation to make the same mistake, but our mistake is not making strong change, though it may be ironic, but like our friends across the Atlantic. Throughout this paper and while researching this topic, people may come to the head of sacrificing something for the greater good of the american public as a whole. Sure people may love their assault rifles for hunting, but the over all deaths of innocent life

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