Moreover, The Excepted Institutional Racism Devastatingly

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Moreover, the excepted institutional racism devastatingly affects Latin Americans. Even throughout the past century, racial profiling ruthlessly affected Latin American:
“During the period 1929-1937, some 458,000 Mexicans were arrested and expelled from the United States without due process, including many legal resident aliens and their U.S. citizen children. By 1940, only 377,000 Mexican immigrants were left in the country. Those who remained were pushed to the margins of society, segregated into dilapidated barrios where they attended segregated schools and received inferior services. In these enclaves, Mexicans were transferred from aspiring immigrants into a self-conscious domestic minority.” (Massey)
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Furthermore, Arizona SB 1070 is a bill signed on April 23, 2010, that requires officers to demand papers proving citizenship or immigration status from people they stop based on “reasonable suspicion” that they are illegally in Arizona (“Frequently”). This legislation clearly allows a person to use racism to justify a crime due to their race, violating basic human rights. After the passing of SB 1070, many families felt obligated to move, causing “upheaval that impacted young people’s academic performance, personal health, and emotional stability” (Lopes 7). Similarly, a counselor at a school in Arizona typically saw 40 to 60 students; however, in the 2012-2011 school year, after the passing of the bill, she worked with around 120 students (Lopes 14). It is evident that the bill mentally ravaged the students in school during this time, causing even young children to panic over issues that should not concern them yet. Additionally, a United States citizen named Yesenia was finishing her freshman year at Arizona State University for journalism, when her parents held visas without work authorizations; after the passing of the SB 1070, she decided to drop out of college to support her family during this time of immense struggle (Lopes 12). A young girl who could have contributed immensely to the journalism world is no longer able to provide her contribution of skilled communication towards a multicultural perspective. Due to profiling, she can no

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