Mormons Moving to Salt Lake City Essay

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Mormons Moving to Salt Lake City

During the nineteenth century there were many different types of people moving west over America. One of these groups was the religious group, the Mormons. The religion was originally founded by Joseph Smith in the early nineteenth century. He first started of with very few followers but quickly many people started to come round to Smiths way of thinking. After developing the religion in Palmyra, Joseph Smith and his followers moved to Kirtland.

In Kirtland the Mormons were going from strength to strength and by 1831 Mormonism had over 1000 members. However the growing number of businesses of the Mormons was also growing and soon the non-Mormons began to grow
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Their wish for a peaceful life was not going to happen in Missouri. Eventually the governor of Missourideclared the Mormons public enemies and Joseph Smith was imprisoned. Rumours soon spread of how the Mormons were befriending Indians and trying to convert them to Mormonism. Also people started talking about how the Mormons apparently were freeing slaves. This caused public outburst and the Governor stated that the Mormons must be, "Exterminated or driven form the state if necessary for the public good". Again the Mormons were driven out of another state.

In Nauvoo, Illinois things were looking up for the Mormons and by 1844 they had built one of the largest cities in Illinois. Missionaries were sent to Europe to gain converts. Over 35,000 people joined the Mormons in Nauvoo from Europe. However Joseph Smith made a statement that was to start his downfall. In 1844 he declared that only certain Mormons could practise Polygamy. His own people turned against him and had him imprisoned, declaring him a false prophet. Also non-Mormons were outraged at this knew knowledge that they practised polygamy and matters were made worse when Joseph Smith declared he was running for President. On 27 June 1845 a mob attacked the jail where Joseph Smith was and shot him dead. They roamed the countryside hunting down the Mormons. Except there was hope for the Mormons, this hope came
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