Most Important Decisions We Make In Hotrodders By J. Kennedy

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An author once wrote, “I have noticed that even people who claim everything is predetermined and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road.” Some people say that the human experience is governed by fate, yet in reality, our lives are controlled by the choice we make. You chose how to act, you chose who you consider a friend, you chose to use your resources, knowledge. One of your most important decisions you make is, what type of people you hang around. In the poem, “Hotrodders” written by X. J. Kennedy, it states, “Wheeled by the losers: six of flegging beard, towards absolute success with total pride, but inches from it, felt, and turned aside.” This says that the people in the poem were playing the game chicken with their friends, but they realized it wasn’t worth it. They realized it wasn’t worth to die from a stupid decision, like their friends did, so they chose to turn aside. Others may say that the friends who died didn’t chose to die. …show more content…

In the story the pearl, on page 18, the author wrote, “He worked deliberately, selecting the largest shells.” I can infer from this that Kino chooses to go oyster hunting. He chose to let the pearl drive him mad. He chose to let it dictate his life. While it may be true that kino didn’t chose to have the pearl in the clam, he still picked that clam. On page 18, I noticed that the text said, “Kino moved to the next hummock, and then beside it, under a little overhang, he saw a very large oyster lying by itself, not covered with it’s clinging brothers.” The text then states, “Slowly he forced the oyster loose and held it tightly against his breast.” A real life experience of greed is when I play chess. Sometimes, I play and I want more, therefore taking unnecessary risk, losing my pieces. Although this isn't in the big picture, it can be applied to bigger

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