Mother And Son Relationships In The Gilgamesh And The Odyssey

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Mother and Son Relationships The bond between a mother and her son is typically strong as steel. There are two distinct relationships in The Gilgamesh and The Odyssey that showcase this. There is Ninsun who always looks after her son, Gilgamesh and devoted Penelope who worries about Telemachus. From the time a son is born all the way into his adult years, a boy nurtures a deep-rooted bond with his mom. Through this relationship it is influenced for the overall development of the child. This could explain why Gilgamesh has such an ego, his mother could have inflated him and in the story, his mother was always his safety net with looking after him and sending up his prayers. Telemachus is a bit more complicated, his mother seemed to be more off-hands approach where she did not really do anything, but worried. Penelope stepping back in Telemachus life (in terms of punishment) probably pushed Telemachus to become a man and order his mother around.
Ninsun kept looking out for Gilgamesh through his adventures. A mother tends to know her son better than anyone else which is why she also steps in to interpret his dreams. The love is also returned to Ninsun when Gilgamesh asks for her counsel. Even if Ninsun does not agree with what Gilgamesh wants to do, she still supports and helps him with his quest which might sound a little bit spoiled. For example, giving word to Shamash about Gilgamesh and Enkidu’s wish to slay Humbaba. Ninsun did not want Gilgamesh to fight Humbaba, but he

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