Motions of the Car from Today and Tomorrow

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Motion of the Car
Have you ever dreamt of having your very own Herbie? The car with its own mind that drives by itself? Part of your dreams might become reality soon, as Google engineers have already had test drove their newly developed self-driving car on more than 180,000 miles of highways and roads! Picture: Fictional Self-Driving Car, Herbie
There are already cars that can park themselves, but a self-driving car would be able to capture images of the road, identify alternative route and prevent traffic even before human eye can detect it. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a car that drives by itself on the way home from a tired day at the office?
Since 95% of road accident happen due to human error, this self-driving car can prevent major accidents on the road. This google cars can also reduce the amount of time used waiting for traffic clearance. This saves you a lot of time, beside the lives of others. These Google cars will have data about the roads and the surrounding. When it is driven, it will be able to detect any changes (like pedestrians crossing the road), analyze it and make a proper response (stopping to let the pedestrian cross). Even though this seems kind of impossible for now, you can except this to be in the showroom in the next few decades, and it will surely make a great cocktail party conversation.
Drive-by-wire, is a technology that could change the way we drive our car. A car with this technology would be controlled by electronics which operates the

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