Motivation In Beowulf

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The Deeper Beowulf
(Three Motivations of Beowulf ) The epic of Beowulf was a fantastic way to be introduced to the Anglo-Saxon code. Throughout history the manly sports and activities like war, or fighting, or even the modern day football. The leaders have given awesome speeches for the pregame. Sean Evans from Bleacher Report states, ¨We need the rallying cry of a stirring locker room speech.¨ This quote shows how sometimes everyone needs a motivational speech just to get the going. In the epic Beowulf the main character has three motivations for fighting the three monsters. In the epic Beowulf, he has the motivation of that it is his duty to help the Danes. Beowulf is the baddest warrior around, he was the strongest in all the land. On page 47, line 245 Beowulf exclaims, ¨My people have said, the wisest, most knowing and best of them, that my duty was to go to the Danes.¨ This quote helps understand why Beowulf thought he should go to help the Danes. Eleanor Roosevelt states from Roosevelt Institution, ¨Remember always that you not only have the right to be an individual, you have an obligation to be one.¨ Eleanor Roosevelt says these inspiring words to help make people understand that an individual has a duty to be him or herself. Just like Beowulf in this epic has an obligation to help those in need. The epic Beowulf has many motivations including the motivational theme of glory. Glory is the feeling of accomplishment of doing something great. Just like Beowulf

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