Motivation of Terrorist and Assassins

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Terrorist and Assassins Introduction The horrible attacks that occurred on September 11th, 2001 left many Americans wondering one simple question: Why do they hate us so much? The devastation caused by these attacks was so much that it left the Americans confused and making up their own theories regarding what the main reason behind all this hatred is. Surely, there isn't one American out there who would approve of the terrorism that has been ongoing since 2001. The most direct and automatic assumption being made is that the Taliban, terrorist and even Assassins for that matter just hate the Americans because America promotes freedom and democracy. Wardlaw (1989) stated that the most common question about terrorism is why people go on this path. As plain and simple as that sounds, it shows that most of the Americans don't really have a clue about why these attacks occurred in the first place. The time today has come that every single American and not even American, every person out there should understand the motivations behind terrorists and Assassins. Crenshaw (1990) stated that terrorism itself affects the individuals, the society, the government and of course the terrorist organization. Thus, when we look at the terrorism act happening in the U.S. or Afghanistan, it will ultimately affect us regardless of where we leave. This leads into the major hypothesis that this paper presents. Americans as a whole should be aware of the motivation and the major reasons as to

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