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Film Analysis: Mindwalk The film Mindwalk consisted of three main characters. Two of the main characters, Jack and Thomas were previous acquaintances. Thomas takes Jack for a stroll around Mont Saint-Michel. While talking philosophically about life, they meet a woman named Sonia who happens to be an ex-physicist turned philosopher who lives on the island. The three main characters spend their day walking around the island talking about theory, politics, science, and many philosophical topics. To me, this film really opened my mind to the problems of the world and the different perspectives people have of these problems. When watching this film I felt as though each character had such a fascinating perspective of their own, but was also …show more content…

If not, they’re not. It’s as simple as that. If it works it’s good. Period.” (Amadeus, Bernt. 1990. Mindwalk. Paramount.). His perspective of social and structural issues is one that stems from a pragmatic point of view, this could be seen in a way to defend his way of thinking in a position of power. Jack’s views of the worldly problems contain the conflict perspective in the sense that he believes people are shaped by power and coercion. Often, his perspective is tested by the two other main characters Thomas and Sonia. Sonia, coming from a holistic view of physics and the environment, led the conversations to systems theory and philosophical paths the most out of all three main characters. Sonia personifies both the functionalist perspective and feminist perspective, “Functionalists posit that society and its parts are structured to provide social order and maintain stability. Aspects of society that appear dysfunctional, seemingly contribute to a decrease in social order or integration…” (Witt 2016:16). Both the functionalist and conflict perspectives analyze society-wide patterns of behavior. Emile Durkheim is most associated with this perspective, “Durkheim was concerned about what happens when the influence of society declines, resulting in a weakened social integration” (Witt 2016:12). 2 Similar to Emile

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