Movie Analysis : ' My Ass '

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Corins Pov~ I am utterly grateful that Kaden showed up and saved my ass. Not that I plan on admitting that to anyone but im just saying that im not sure how much longer I coulve kept getting up. Once Kaden started to beat on Nick, Jane helped me to the bathroom and emidiatly went into a long drawn out apology filled with excuses. Talking about how Anna black mailed her and she had no other choice but to betray me. Once she concluded her speech I simply said to her "Trust is a dangerous thing it gets you hurt... it gets you killed, you of all people should be familiar with that comsept. I 'm sorry, you can call me cruel, heartless, or whatever but I don 't do second chances. You can go now. " *** Now im alone in a girls bathroom …show more content…

I think to myself and laugh again. My lip is gushing blood, both my eyes are purple, my nose is most likely broken, my neck has angry looking red claw marks on it, and that 's just my face. When I unzip my top leaving me in just my brah I notice that my sumac has already turned into a black and blue mess. At least I feel fine from the waste down. I think to myself and sigh as i slump against the counter and put my face in my hands. I don 't know how long I stood there like that but when i finally looked up at the mirror again i saw Kaden standing behind me with a worried look on his face and i jumped at his sudden appearance. "You scared me" I say and put a hand over my racing hart. "Oh sorry I dident mean to" He says sadly and looks at the ground. "It 's ok just don 't do it again or ill put a bell or something on you so you cant sneak up on me." i say jokeingly. But he dosent even smile he just says "Im so sorry" in the same sad tone. "Its ok really im not mad at you really i was ..." i say but he cuts me off. "No not for scaring you, because I haven 't been thear to protect you twice now, and fore making you hate me" he says with regret written all over his face. "Ok first thing I don 't hate you. Number two I don 't care what you learned about mates in your little wolf school but forget it all because those rules don 't applie to me. It 's not your job to protect me, you don 't need to worrie about me or be with me every

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