Movie Analysis : ' Titanic ' And ' The Band Played On '

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Before I watch the movie, I presumed the title, “And the Band Played On,” to be a reference to the movie “Titanic,” which they were speaking about the string quartet that continued to play as the ship sank. Since watching the movie I think it referenced “business as usual.” Just like in Titanic, no one was concerned about the ship sinking until it was too late. In the movie “And the Band Played On,” In the same way, AIDS was considered, just a gay disease, and wasn 't seen as the epidemic with in the straight community until it suddenly started effecting people who were not gay, thereby alluding to the multiple agencies and communities who neglected to place in order a immediate medical response to the crisis. This movie showed the dark side to our government and the nonexistent roles that they played. The A.I.D.S. epidemic got the public 's attention and chronicled the political neglect that this devastating disease faced at its onset. If our government would have assisted the CDC and Dr. Don Francis sooner, then maybe they could have saved countless lives, especially those of the innocent babies and the ones that received transfusions.

The only memorable thing I remember about the history of AIDS before watching the movie, was that you could be contaminated through sexual intercourse, drug syringe sharing, and blood transfusion. I knew that if contracted that I would eventually die.
I first learned about AIDS when I was in high school. It was introduced to me in detail in

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