Movie Review: Clue

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Movie Review Clue Rohan Kartik 25th September, 2017 Introduction Clue directed by Jonathan Lynn. Based on the game Cluedo by Hasbro. Released in 1985. Not a commercial success but a cult classic that gained popularity after its release. This was the same year that Back to the Future had come out starring Christopher Lloyd who plays an intellectual Professor Plum in the movie. Critically or commercially the movie did not make box office success, but - it has received mixed reviews from audiences. Six guests are invited for dinner to a mysterious mansion and over the evening there are a sequence of events that are funny and murders that take place. Their task is now to find out who is responsible for the murders before time runs out and …show more content…

Boddy and that everyone must hand him over to the police. Mr. Boddy then reaches out for his suitcase and hands each one a gift with a weapon in it - a wrench, a candlestick, a lead pipe, a knife, a noose and a revolver. He also suggests that if they can kill the butler with their weapons and destroy the evidence and switches off the light. There is gunshot and when Mrs. Peacock switches the light to see Mr. Boddy on the floor being declared dead by Professor Plum. While trying to figure out what to do with the body they go have a look at the cook Mrs. Ho to find her murdered in the kitchen, with the knife in her back. On coming back to the study Mr. Boddy has vanished to be later found bleeding from the head in the washroom attacked with the candlestick. Wadsworth suggests that they split up in pairs and look after locking all the weapons in the cupboard. Over the course there are three murders that happen of the Motorist, the policeman and the singing telegram girl. Yvette later is found dead in the Billiard room choked by the noose. Wadsworth claiming to know the identity of the murderer runs around the house frantically repeating every event committed to memory. To which he finally deduces that The cook was employed earlier by Mrs. Peacock. The motorist was Colonel Mustard’s driver during the

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