Movie Review: We Were Soldiers Essay

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Movie Review: We Were Soldiers We all like to take a time out and sit down with our loved ones, and watch a heart touching movie every once in a while. What we don't do is actually take time to really focus and understand completely what the point of the movie is or what it is trying to get across to the audience. I was able to take time and sit down, and enjoy and evaluate the movie, "We Were Soldiers." I was able to come to the conclusion that it is a very accurate movie, give or take a few facts. The quality of the cinematography is of great value. The film was indeed satisfying. The movie was released in 2002. It was one of the most seen movies of that year. It won the ASCAP award and was nominated for three different awards. To …show more content…

What is happening over there is that, North Vietnam is trying to take over South Vietnam. Upon arrival, it is immediate battle. When the Americans land on their soil, it is discovered it will be 30 minutes before another batch of soldiers can come to aid. The reason is, that is the time frame it takes for the helicopters to transport more soldiers to the battlefield. So the Americans have to hold their land for that long without support, and early there is a tragic loss. In this battle, America has 395 soldiers, these few are going up against 4000. After a long 3 day battle, the Americans effort results in pushing back the enemy to the top of the hill, furthermore, causing the Vietnamese to retreat. There are many lives lost, and this is just the beginning of the war. The movie is told by a soldier that was there, hence the title, "We Were Soldiers." If I had to compare the movie to another film in its category, there would be no comparison as to the excellence of this picture. In this film, war is portrayed in very heavy and gory detail. With an extreme level of gruesomeness, it probably has to be one of the most graphic movies I've ever gazed my sparkling brown eyes upon ;*) J L K For the most part this movie is very accurate with the timeline of events that occurred during that era of the war. The director , in his own words, "told it like it was," which makes it a better movie. In the long run I believe this

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