Mozart K 488 Influence

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The research being done by Su et al. (2017) in this quasi-experiment is to determine if there is any positive effects, such as reduced reading anxiety or increase comprehension , when listening to Mozart piece K.488. The research group used 62 senior elementary school kids and tested their reading capabilities using e-books that could capture reading rates in real time. The end results found that while there are benefits that come with listening to music, there may also be some drawbacks as well. In the last few years the Taiwanese government has sought to improve the reading abilities of their elementary school children and implemented friendly environment to help boost their interest in reading. (MOE, 2007). As reading starts to become more complex the older children get so do their levels of anxiety for learning and untimely if it is to excessive can lead to poor learning outcomes (Wood, 2006). To help counteract the effects of anxiety in a class room music was tried and found to have positive effects, especially so when Mozart’s sonata for two pianos K.488, was used causing the Mozart effect which was a great number of studies being done. The main purpose of this paper is to explore the effects Mozart’s K.488 will have on children’s reading anxiety, …show more content…

Experimentally I would have two classes in a school using children in 5th grade. One class would be a silent group that has no music, while the other would have music in the background through various parts of the day. At the middle of the year and end of the school year, I would test the children’s readings rates, comprehend ability, and some other form of anxiety either learning or social. Finally I would use my data to help show better ways we could be teaching the youth and to demonstrate the positive effects music has on

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