Mr. Postag35v1 's Trade Deal Will Change All That

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"We have something special here, something we don 't want to lose. We have a way of life, a way of looking at ourselves, a way of reacting to the world. Mr. Mulroney 's trade deal will change all that. It will make us a little more then a junior partner of the United States. I believe in a strong, sovereign independent Canada. I believed that we are now talented enough and competent enough and tough enough to make our own choices, for our own future, in our own way. I need your support on November 21st. You and I must not allow Mr. Mulroney to sell us out, to reverse 120 years of Canadian history, to destroy the Canadian dream."(6-7) The first part of this statement sounds very much like the stance any (small-c) conservative would normally argue, trying desperately to hold on to the past, slowing down change and progression, as well as the blatant opposition of closer ties with the US. These sentiments are reiterated 14 years after the fact in Uncle Same and US, in which author Stephen Clarkson makes the case that we are slowly slipping away from our spirit of nationality, and that the combination of cultural, technological, social and political factors have heralded our apparently seamless integration into the American economy. Mulroney 's change of heart, coupled with Prime Minister Trudeau leading the Liberals towards economic nationalism during his tenure, resulted in what seems to be an unusual reversal of the traditional stances of each of the parties, marking the

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