Mrs. Flowers Short Story Theme

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A theme is a moral of a story or a message the author is trying to tell you. Every story has a theme, and some stories, share common themes. The common theme in the works “Mrs. Flowers”, “Raymond’s Run”, and “The Treasure of Lemon Brown”, is not everything is as it seems. In the story “Mrs. Flowers”, there is a girl named Marguerite, who did outstanding in school, however, it was all written and her teachers found it difficult to get her to talk. Her mom sends her to an older woman named Mrs. Flowers who gives Marguerite a little talking-to. Mrs. Flowers showed Marguerite some of her favorite books and told her that words mean more than what is just written on paper. Also that it takes a human voice to give words, shades of deeper meaning. Mrs. Flowers gave Marguerite some books that she must read aloud. After hearing Mrs. Flowers read out loud so smoothly and effortlessly, Marguerite realizes that reading out loud is not as bad as it seems. In the story “Raymond’s Run”, a young girl nicknamed Squeaky has to take care of her older brother, Raymond, who has a disability. Squeaky does not mind taking care of Raymond, as long as he does not meddle with her running, which is Squeaky’s talent and hobby. Dissimilar to the majority of people and their hobbies, Squeaky takes running very seriously. Most days her parents make Squeaky take Raymond with her when she is training. At the park on May Day, Squeaky enters a 50-yard dash while Raymond good-naturedly waited behind a
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