Mrs. Mcevoy: The Puzzle Pieces Of Humanity

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Puzzle Pieces of Humanity
The elements of humanity that are intricately interwoven to define a human are comparable to the complex puzzles that children often fret over, and piece together to create a beautiful picture. Humanity cannot be defined in one general term, but frequently requires a deeper understanding of the categories that all humans fall under. Without humanity, the human population would be lead to commit atrocious crimes and would allow themselves to live without feeling emotion or appreciating the scenes around them. One component of humanity connects with another in a way that influences how humans feel, interact, and make decisions. Between all the elements are what comes together, like the puzzle, to create a glorious piece of work in the form of a human. Humanity is the catalyst that …show more content…

They were moved in with the McEvoys and often took to helping Major McEvoy with his civil duties around their small town. One day, on their way home from their duties, tragedy struck. In chapter twenty one of the novel, coping with loss is exemplified when Mrs. McEvoy has to deal with the untimely demise of her husband. After her husband was shot in a border skirmish, she slowly breaks down and loses the capability to function as she did before. During one of the many times that Daisy checks on Mrs. McEvoy, she reports, “We had plenty of opportunity to notice that poor old Jane McEvoy seemed to have lost a good number of her marbles already over the past few weeks and it was obvious that this was going to be the last straw by substantial margin” (Rosoff 106). Not only has Jane lost her husband, but recently her eldest son had been sent to war, and she is now terrified that her son will not return. This category of humanity, loss, is easy to identify because of the prominent characteristics that accompany it and imply the effect of loss; death, emotional and mental turmoil, and an adaptation in the way a person function. Her husband’s death coupled with

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