M's Shootings : Racis Shooting And The Las Vegas Shooting

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In both the San Francisco shooting, and the Las Vegas shooting there is a murder-suicide (M-S) which is a complex phenomenon involving a multifaceted set of interrelated factors, leading an individual to commit catastrophic and tragic acts (Oliffe, Han, Drummond, Maria, Bottorff, Creighton, 2014). This is shown in both cases, where they both set off to kill multiple people before turning the gun on themselves. When the primary actor dies in the event, it often leaves scant information about the context undergirding the event. This is a considerable challenge for scholarly analyses because details are critically important (Oliffe et al., 2014). We are often left with many questions involving the incident, one of the biggest being Why? When someone takes their own life after committing such an act we are never truly able to find these answers. Typically, M-S offenders likely display a history of failures and frustrations relating to home, work, and/or school and tend to blame others including partners, family members, coworkers, and/or society in general for their problems (Oliffe et al, 2014). Due to these factors they may set out to target those who they thought were a problem, or random people to help alleviate their problems. There is a challenge to reporting these events in newspapers which is based on concerns that profiling M-S perpetrators might lead to copy-cat killers the influence of the Internet on M-S warrants research attention. In addition, focusing the search

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