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	Much Ado About Nothing is a play that centers around the question and battle between deception and reality. One first notices of the image of deception as we witness the masking and unmasking at the masquerade. In the play, most overhear discussions are deceptions. It is through eavesdropping that we see the true battle between deception and reality as we look at the subplots of Benedick and Beatrice, Hero and Claudio, as well as the comedy of Dogberry and his crew. 	 The relationship between Benedick and Beatrice is one manufactured completely through deception on the behalf of their friends. Though the plot to unite them was planned, many of the problems that arose were because of things that were overheard accidentally…show more content…
The deception starts as Borachio reports to Don John of a conversation he overheard between Claudio and Don Pedro. At the ball, while Don Pedro is dancing with Hero in hopes of wooing her for Claudio, Don John and Borachio move in to convince Claudio that Don Pedro is in love with Hero and wants to ask Leonato for her hand in marriage. When Don John is asked how he knows Don Pedro loves Hero he responds that he "heard him swear his affection," and Borachio confirms this. They go off, and Claudio is left broken hearted. Later Don Pedro informs Claudio that he has wooed Hero for him and Leonato has given his consent. This leaves an open door for Don John to devise a plan that entails Borachio and Margaret (pretending to be Hero and her lover) at the window while Don John with Don Pedro and Claudio witness the event. Hero will then be accused of being a "contaminated stale." At the wedding, Claudio accuses Hero of knowing the "heat of a luxurious bed," and her blushes are a sign of her guilt. The wedding is called off and everyone is unhappy, except for Don John who has fled from Messina. Later Borachio confesses to Don Pedro and Claudio, and Claudio is stricken with remorse. This is when the ultimate deception within this play occurs as Claudio is deceived into thinking he has lost Hero and must make up for what he has done. Leonato orders Claudio to inform the habitants of
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