Muggers Research Paper

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Hi Ty, it’s a pleasure for everybody to have you here.

The Muggers is one of your multiple projects like : the traditional fools, epsilons, fuzz and the new Goggs.

Who are the muggers ?

Can you tell us how does the muggers project was born ?

Is there any new things coming out next ?

How is the tour going, Do you have any crazy stories to tell us, or which show did you enjoyed the most yet ?

You usually get crazy on stage, especialy with baby thing. But, who’s this possesed baby ? What’s the story being him ?

You usually play guitar in your bands, recently the battery with fuzz, and now just vocals, how does that feels to be the front guy?

Which instrument will you be playing next ? Bass ? synth ? trumpet ?

You’re very very very prolific,

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