Mulan, By Tony Bancroft And Barry Cook

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Mulan is Disney animation about a story with a strong woman protagonist, who is Fa Mulan, directed by Tony Bancroft and Barry Cook in 1998. The film is based on Chinese legendary story of Hua Mulan. Overall of the film shows Chinese Confucian and traditional values with unique regulation, culture, and traditional system in their society. According to diegetic elements of Mulan which is defined as elements that consists of events, characters, objects, settings, and sounds in the story, the main event is a story about how Mulan who is not suitable for traditional woman role in Chinese ancient society overcomes the prejudice of gender role with exceptional behaviors as joining Chinese military troop secretly instead of her father who was wounded by former war. The movie Mulan is a narrative in terms of categorizing one concept that describes and arranges the sequence of events in a cause-and-effect order. In that sense, the movie starts to narrate certain disparity between Chinese Confucian and traditional cultural characters of gender role and protagonist’s inner human nature overall the movie, and that disparity leads the protagonist to overcome internal and external conflicts in progression of the story. This paper will analyze how Mulan demonstrates characteristic culture in Chinese society which shows stereotypes of gender role in the past, and what kinds of methods protagonist use for overcoming and deviating from a traditional gender characteristic by providing

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