Multi-Culturalism Explained In One Word: Hapa'

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“What you see and what you hear depends a great deal on where you are standing. It also depends on what sort of person you are.” (C.S. Lewis) Though culture does shape one's life, one's view of the world depends on how they interpret their culture.

In the interview “Multi-Culturalism Explained In One Word: Hapa”, hosted by Lynn Neary, a young writer explains how she veered away from her culture and became her own person, who viewed the world in her own unique way. Kristen Lee, the young writer, choose to move away from her home, “....grew up on a ranch in rural Michigan with some horses, dogs and every kind of hand-sized pet imaginable.” (Lee 41), to further develop her skills in writing.

In the short story“Everyday Use” by Alice Walker has two sisters Dee and Maggie (Wangero) were both raised up together but one of the sisters overcome the way she was raised to better herself. Dee was Mama’s oldest daughter and Maggie was Mama’s other child. In the short story it says that Dee never liked the way she was brought up in the “farm life”, so she did something about it. Even though she was brought up in the “farm life” and that could be defined as her culture, she didn't like it and changed her culture. Dee lives the city …show more content…

They’re mother wants them to be something they're not, they both have such differences in each other life. If America wants to make new rules curtailing benefits of legal immigrants, they only should apply to immigrants who arrive after those rules are already in place."(Bharati Mukherjee 70 ).She knew that her sister wanted to avoid all the extra stuff and continue with her life and the Indian man she met in college. ‘I am an American citizen and she is

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