Multiple Themes in Zora Neale Hurston´s Their Eyes Are Watching God

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Final Essay The book “Their eyes are watching god” was published in 1937 with the author being Zora Neale Hurston. The book itself brought about many discussions, almost as much as the author. The book was criticized for being too vague and for not appealing to all audiences. Many other influential black writers back in Zora’s time criticized her book for being too much like her real life and for not living up to the expectations everyone had for her. However the book itself still stands as one of America’s best sellers that had been revived numerous times. Although Zora has been criticized multiple times that never stopped her from writing. In “Their eyes are watching god” many people thought it was too vague and there was no depth or point to make throughout the story, however the story possesses multiple themes you can examine and dissect to get the real meaning of the message Hurston wanted to get across to all of her readers. Almost every book has one or more themes that you can analyze or bring forth to discuss. This book is one of the rare ones that have a very diverse array of topics to choose from ranging from love to self-certainty. A theme that is often discussed in this book is Janie’s self-revelations. Throughout the book you see Janie growing up and having different experiences with the different people that she meets; and she always acts differently because Janie is someone who expects a lot from her husband as a lover and a friend. Fast forwarding
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