Multitasking Can Make You Lose Um Focus By Alina Tumgend Summary

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In the essay “Multitasking can make you lose … Um … Focus” Alina Tugend exams why multitasking can make you lose focus. Tugend explains what multitasking is in the first section she also explains why it is bad. She then brings in a professor to explain how multitasking works in a scientific way. Alina Tugend then uses case studies to show how multitasking can cause loss of focus and impairment in motor activities. She then shows how multitasking can actually delay your progress on completing projects by constantly switching to different tasks. Tugend then sums it all up by trying to teach us how to better ourselves and to not multitask. Tugend starts her article off by exploring the fact that as we read this article we are more than likely already multitasking weather it be listening to music, texting, tv or even talking to kids! She then goes on to say why multitasking has been accepted since the 1990’s and has been thought to be saving time that neuroscientist have actually proven that multitasking can be less efficient and even cause us a great deal of stress. She uses Dr. Hallowell to emphasize that why multitasking can make tasks more fun that it will actually hinder are focus and but he does go on to say that depending on what function of the brain you are using it could induce or spark creativity. There is actually no such thing as multitasking one can not do two things at once one can simply divide there attention or rapidly switch back and forth from one task to

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