Monologue Of Reap

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General Outline For months, the capital city of Reap had been plagued by a number of gruesomely bizarre deaths. The atmosphere in the city is one of tension and fear. Though the city watch has been quick to respond, no-one has been able to come up with any real answers, and rumors abound, each more far-fetched and ridiculous than the last. Kai Lucien, Arbiter of Death and representative of Living-God Rivas, has been closely following the murders almost from the beginning. He’s a kind-hearted soul --- a trait that has been the cause of some heartache in the past --- and the continuous murders of innocent civilians in the city he feels directly responsible for does not sit lightly with him. He’s just as frustrated with the lack of answers …show more content…

Mysterious and reclusive, Taliya has never bothered to attend before. Why she would do so now --- particularly considering the enmity between their factions --- is a puzzle Kai has spent countless sleepless nights trying to solve. “Compared to politics, murders are a great deal more straightforward,” Kai mutters, the very thought of meeting his rival sending of flutter of nervous anticipation through him so strong it feels like nausea. “Look man, you clearly need something to take your mind off things,” Doggie replies, in his most cajoling tone. “No-one’s going to miss you if you take off for one night. Kai almost laughed. “But they did miss me. Quite loudly in fact; the retainers had the castle guard practically turn the place upside down. I seem you recall you getting quite the reprimand for smuggling me out.” Doggie scoffs. “Bah. Reprimands. The priests can take those reprimands and stuff them up their holy arses. I mean whadda they going to do? Kill you?” Kai goes stiff and silent at that, tilting his head so that his pale blue-green eyes are hidden behind the raven’s wing black fall of his hair. Doggie, realizing his poor choice of words, winces and then lays a comforting hand on his best friend’s taunt shoulder. “Even Arbiters need a break every now and again,” he says, his voice gentle. “Look, Varyn up at Fair Light is having a...sort’ve a get-together, you know.” When Kai looks up

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