Museum Visit Paper – Ante Meridian by Frederick Waug

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Museum Visit Paper – Ante Meridian by Frederick Waugh
ART 101 My family and I recently visited the Orlando Museum of Art in Orlando, Florida. The museum enjoys a seemingly eclectic collection of artifacts, sculptures, photographs, and paintings. While perusing the gallery I was fascinated by one painting in particular. The piece was called “Ante Meridian”, oil on board, c.a. 1935 by Frederick Judd Waugh (American 1861-1940). This representational painting was of a presumably north eastern coast line where waves were battering the cliffs and rocks during a stormy day. The sky was ominous yet you don’t see the rain falling. The sun appears to illuminate a jetty in the distance giving you the impression that the storm was …show more content…

By his vertical placement of the cliff in the right forefront of the picture plane, he further emphasizes the illusion of space. Second, the diminishing size of the sea, cliffs in the background, and the jetty all express depth in the overall scene. The violent cove appears to move away from us in to the open sea. Ante Meridian is an example of atmospheric perspective. The foreground colors are bold and rich, whether it is the white wave caps or the cliff façade, but as the scene retreats in to the distance, the sea, background rocks, and sky become bluer, paler, and less distinct. The objects in the distance are blurrier to demonstrate this open space even more. The implied changes in the position of the thrashing waves give you the feeling of motion. The overlapping relationship of the storm clouds to the apparent clear sky, as well as the curve of the rain clouds all imply these dark storm clouds are moving out to the left. Waugh also gave a slight glimmer of sunlight beating down on the rocks in the background to further illustrate the idea that the storm is moving on and the sun is breaking through. This bit of sunlight is the only vibrant color in this paining. The whole aspect of the sea is implied motion. I believe with every short, wide brush stroke used to paint the surf, Waugh intended to imply motion. The very nature of water is movement but he went beyond what we know and tried to convey not just motion but

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