Music And Its Effect On Education Essay

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Music is fascinating because there are so many different uses and styles. It is an enjoyable way to help the brain grow and develop. Plato once said, “I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.” Music classes should be part of the required core curriculum through all four years of high school; however, some schools don’t have the money to support these programs, despite the many benefits it has for students in all areas of learning.
The music programs in schools have not changed since the 1960’s. This is when the National Endowment for the Arts was first introduced. Music teachers then typically denied new trends in music, instead of recognizing student interest and financial support. Correspondingly, the music programs lost purpose. Teachers held on to 18th century practices, and because of this the music classes of the time skipped almost a whole generation of students. Now, music lacks importance because of the “popular music” versus “choral music” argument, as if they don 't correlate at all. Even though this problem has occurred, in this day and age music utilization has increased exponentially. “There has never been a time in history when a larger amount of music has been accessed by more people” (Sizemore). More teenagers today are involved in programs for music than before, yet these are the programs that have been outdated for decades. The most pertinent

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