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When thinking of Reggae, it’s commonly known that it is a genre of music considered an “indigenous Jamaican music”. But, what isn’t as obvious is that its roots are deeply African American (Anderson 2004) . Reggae evolved from several other prominent genres native to Jamaica, particularly from Ska and Rocksteady. As with many other musical genres, Ska evolved from several other existing genres. Particularly: Mento, which is Jamaican folk music, blending African rhythms, Latin rhythms, and Anglo folk songs (Romer 2017) , Calypso, music originating primarily from Trinidad, “heavily rooted in West African traditional music”. Slaves used Calypso to communicate as well as for entertainment (Romer, 2017) . Ska was also influenced by “North American rhythm and blues, jazz, and early rock ’n’ roll.” Ska is fast, upbeat, “in a 4/4 time signature with heavy syncopation—an emphasis on the second and fourth beats of a measure, known as the backbeat—as well as a guitar or piano line hitting the offbeat. The rhythm produced an offbeat strike known as the "skank." Ska bands tended to feature horn sections, and harmony singers were common, though the songs revolved around a lead singer's solos”. The North American influence is seen in the way Ska music is structured, as it is comparable to music that was popular at that time in the United States (Romer, November) . Ska came to be when in the early 1960’s, a disc jockey Clement "Coxsone" Dodd, one of the most

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