Music : The Power Of Music In Education

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The Power of Music Music is a powerful thing, many think it is just a source of entertainment, that a lot of music is just a bunch a meaningless words put together with random beats, to many it has no real importance but, if a high school student were asked what music means to them, the answer would be completely different. Music to the youth of today is inspirational but this refers to music with lyrics. Another type of music that not a lot of people listen to, but can beneficial to the learning process, is music that has no lyrics. Music that is purely the sounds that come from an instrument or instruments played together. This type of music has been proved to have certain effects on the brains of young people or people in general. Allowing students in a higher level of education, such as high school students, to listen to music would be able to enhance most of students learning skills and health; music provides a source of focus, music can also help assemble incoming information better, music can improve ones’ mood which provides some motivation, and music can benefit students’ physical and mental health. To begin with, music can equip a student with a new and much better sense of focus. For example, a study carried out by Stanford University School of Medicine, summarized by Mitzi Baker, proved that listening to music helped the brain focus better on the task at hand. The study consisted of some Stanford researchers looking at several different brain images of a
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