Music Therapy Approach I Decided Essay

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Funnily enough, it wasn’t until this class that I even started to consider which music therapy approach I wanted to take. In fact, it wasn’t until this class that I discovered all the approaches there were in music therapy. I always knew that I was interested in working with a population of children however this was an entire new depth level. Of all the interesting approaches, several stood out to me as ones that fit me personally and the career I want to pursue.

Neurological Music Therapy When I first started learning about this approach I shied away from it as it sounded too technical and scientific. However the more we touched on it, the more intrigued I became. I am definitely a “list” person and so one of my skills is that I am very good at following specific instruction and making specific goals that lead to an outcome which is very present in NMT. Many of the techniques in NMT are very specifically laid out on how to follow through with them to get to the next step (ex. Melodic Intonation Therapy). I am very aware and 100% support the notion that process always overrules progress, however, I feel like it would feel rewarding to work in an approach that is evidence where you could very clearly see what you are working on and the goals you are reaching. Although I am not entirely uneducated on the topic and would further my education further if I decided to go into the field, the science side of this therapy probably would not be a strong suit of mine and so I

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