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From infancy to adulthood, music has been a huge part of our lives. Whether one is listening to their favorite song in the car or out at a social event, music not only is very entertaining, but possesses the ability to influence specific behaviors in an individual. With music, various emotions are triggered using schema’s and person-level and context-level construct’s. Schema’s are like a folder in a document that collects and combines a host of day-to-day interactions in the everyday life of an individual. For example, think about every time you have attended a birthday party. By attending multiple birthday parties, you then have a “schema” of what to expect and not to expect at a birthday party. This concept is also applied to music. Our …show more content…

Michael Jackson hoped that society would be aware about the mismanagement of the Earth. As a result, the “Earth Song” was given much attention. This musical piece was able to change many people’s perspective towards the Earth as the song raised awareness around the world just as Michael hoped for. However, when hearing his musical piece, individual’s reacted differently between one another (Barret et al, 2010). While many people finally became aware of how mistreated the world we live in is, not everyone was touched on an emotional aspect due to person-level constructs (Barret et al, 2010). However, even until this day, the “Earth Song” will remain relevant until the world is healed of our mismanagement. Also during the late 1990’s, another movement was starting to begin in the Hip-Hop industry between two prominent stars, Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G, also known as Biggie Smalls. Both were the biggest names in Hip-Hop. The rivalry split between the East Coast, led by Biggie Smalls and Bad Boy Records and the West Coast represented by Tupac and Death Row Records. Although the focal point between this feud was between the two Hip-Hop stars, the behavior of fans altered as they too were getting involved by choosing between the two sides. Nonetheless, both Tupac and Biggie lived a short life. Yet, the deaths of both Tupac and Biggie gave the real world of Hip-Hop pathos. After their deaths, both musicians emerged as one of Hip-Hop’s greatest icons. Due to

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