My American Culture And The Mexican Culture

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Battling between the confound of two cultures yet attempting to embrace both has shaped me into the individual I am present day. I grew up in a loving home surrounded by a nationally diverse family. Nevertheless, one thing we all have in common is our Mexican culture passed on to us by our wonderful ancestors. Even though some of my family members reside in different states, some even in different countries, we are all able to connect with each other when practicing our traditions and customs. We all share a common language that we utilize to communicate with one another, and that is Spanish. Everyone in my family learned to speak Spanish as the first language, and then the majority of my family living in the United States learned to …show more content…

At that point of my childhood, my family was unaware of American holidays and traditions since they barely settled in The United States. One of the holidays that were a major topic of discussion in American schools was Thanksgiving. When I was in elementary, teachers would make students draw turkeys, color turkeys, and play games that featured turkeys. I did not comprehend what Thanksgiving was truly about as a child, but I did know that it was “turkey day,” meaning that on Thanksgiving I was supposed to eat a turkey with my family just like the rest of my peers said they would.
One day after I finished drawing the image of a turkey at school, I took it home and showed it to my mother, then asked her if we would eat a turkey on Thanksgiving. To my surprise, she said, “No why would we eat a turkey and what is Thanksgiving?” I explained to her that Thanksgiving was the day that everyone eats turkey and gathers with their family to celebrate the turkey. My mother was very confused at my response and neglected my offer to celebrate that holiday, but I continued encouraging and persuading her to cook a turkey on Thanksgiving. Hearing all my peers talk about Thanksgiving made me even more excited and look forward to that day. As the days continued in school, I continued taking home poems and songs about Thanksgiving to my mother and family. My teacher gathered all the students in the classroom, and had us practice a

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